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An orphan in Islam is defined as a child who has lost his father or both of his parents. In Arabic, an orphan is called a yateem. Of the many members of society, orphans are among the most vulnerable. This is particularly true in countries where there is little social support and where services are largely inadequate. The noble values which Islam has laid out can be summarily understood by looking at the importance the religion has given to looking after orphans. 'I and the person who looks after an orphan and provides for him, will be in Paradise like this,' (putting his index and middle fingers together). - Saheeh al-Bukhari Alhamdulillah, Islamic Noor supports thousands of orphans, helping safeguard their iman and providing them a chance where there one was not. The cost of sponsoring an orphan is  £170 per annum. This amount helps cover the child's food, health and education costs.

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