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Education is the most effective way for the poor to break out of the poverty cycle. An education of the Qur’an is vital to the faith of every Muslim. Yet in the developing world, thousands of underprivileged children and orphans are deprived of any form of education. What’s more, many of them are forced to start working at a very young age, in order to  earn their keep or help provide for their family. At Islamic Noor our Hafiz Sponsorship programme empowers children from poor, broken families and orphens with a Qur’anic education. We give them the means to read and understand the Holy Book, along side a basic secular education. At our Hafiz schools we provide food and accommodation, healthcare and basic necessities through donor sponsorship. To date, we’ve seen hundreds of children, girls and boys, pursue further education after completing their Hifz studies.

Change an orphan’s life with £170 per year


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