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We’re helping hand on

Over 200 Children in at the Madressa.

Our aim was to help those humans in need of help and facing difficulty,
Our biggest commitment is orphans and those children facing illnesses such as diabetes, hepatitis, cancer and gastro-related illness and the treatment for these.

The aim of creating this charity was to take those children facing extreme poverty under our wing and nourish them, provide shelter for them and feed them every day until they are adults. All over the world, particularly in Pakistan, there are millions of children who are living below the poverty line and facing extreme difficulties. They have no quality food and face starvation, no access to clean drinking water and water shortages in general (often watering hole used by animals and humans together). Due to this water shortage Muslims often have to be buried without proper Ghusl.

Children under 5 years are malnourished and are ill by the thousands who face lung infections, pneumonia, and various different illnesses. The children often end up dying in their mothers arms as they can’t afford to travel to hospitals and doctors. Recently in the last few years there has been a drought and no rain and the temperature is very hot often reaching 47/48 degrees Celsius in Cholistan / Thar areas of Pakistan which has led to the death of thousands of animals and children. Everyone in these areas is facing extreme hardship and struggling.

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